Atlantic Solar Systems - E Series Collector - 30 Tube


Price: $1,540.17

The ET-E series evacuated tube collector is designed for domestic hot water and space heating applications in both residential and commercial hot water solar systems.   It utilizes vacuum heat pipe collector technology to absorb and transfer the solar energy efficiently, even in extreme cold conditions.  The lightweight, modular design enables easy installation of the frame and header prior to fitting of the individual collector tubes.  Up to 300 collector tubes can be connected in series for large commercial applications, reducing both installation time and material costs.    





  • CSA Verified Collector & certified to EN12975
  • Reliable, efficient tri-element double wall evacuated tube
  • Maintenance-free design with easy, plug-in installation of individual collector tubes
  • Attractive, lightweight anodized aluminum frames
  • Rugged construction and durable materials ensure a long life
  • Comes complete with 45° flat roof mounting frame
  • 5 year warranty on frame & mechanical parts and 15 year warranty on collector tubes