Atlantic Solar Systems- E Series Storage Tank - 400L Dual Heat Exchanger


Price: $1,951.08

The ST-E series solar storage tank is designed for domestic hot water and space heating applications in both residential and commercial hot water solar systems.   It features internal, single wall heat exchangers to efficiently transfer heat from the solar loop to the tank water.  The dual coil tanks have an extra upper heat exchanger that can be used for space heating applications or to transfer heat from the storage tank to a swimming pool, hot tub or space heater.  Designed for durability and easy maintenance; these tanks have legs to prevent rusting of the case from sitting on damp floors while allowing easy access to the tank drain plug for periodic flushing of sediment.




  • Constructed from food grade 304-2B stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance
  • Galvanized steel outer shell with durable white enamel coating
  • Insulated with Bayer® polyurethane imported from Germany
  • Available in sizes from 150L to 400L
  • Complete with either single or dual internal heat exchangers (single wall)
  • Comes complete with  protective magnesium anode
  • Upper & lower thermo wells for simple installation of temperature sensors
  • Standard NPT threaded ports on all connections
  • Removable drain plug in the bottom of the tank for easy maintenance
  • 5 year tank and parts warranty